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1 ## CLAN RULES ## on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:07 am


# 1. Do not flame on clan chat, if it happends use PM, or PM someone who is willing to help out

# 2. Do not use cheat or party with cheaters. If we find you cheating you will be removed without warning

# 3. Do not scam any members ingame, if you do that you will also be removed without warning

# 4. Do not lure on any kind of exp parties, genie, booro ect. koxp party you can lure all you want

# 5. Speak english in clan chat and ally chat, a few sentence is ok but dont start spam with others in non english.

# 6. ALWAYS log on ventrilo/teamspeak when we are PKing, war, csw ect

And you know the rest how to play like a non retarded person. Be mature and have fun ingame

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